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Welcome to our Current Projects Gallery page. Here you will generally view; unceremoniously conceived images of our
most recent endeavors. As the main part of the Portfolio section continues to evolve, this gallery will serve as a catch all for
the daily and weekly items of interest pending permanent inclusion in the main pages of the Web site.

I will also be attempting to present a running exhibit of sorts, for our clients to view a detailed progression of their
commission from start to finish.

Once you have selected the desired gallery, the larger images may be viewed in sequence by simply clicking the
image itself.

Thank You and Have Fun!

Please select from the following galleries:Please select from the following galleries:

View our ***incomplete*** panoramas of some past work while we continue development



Repalcement Cup Holders

More Cupholders

Aileron Trim Tab Freeplay Tool


Inserts F50

Birdseye Maple Repair

Cherry and Red Gum Hutch

Work in progress

updated frequently
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Cherry Table

Recently Completed

G550 Interior

Custom Fittings

More images will be added soon...
G550 Interior Continued

Additional Images

Omnium Gatherum


Snap-shots, family pictures, pets and
supplementary sundry items just for fun!