Extra Edition






It took us long
enough, but we're
finally here!

When work began on this Web site over a year ago, I envisioned producing a sort of all-inclusive compendium, detailing the type of work undertaken here in our shop. I very quickly realized the extent to which I had misjudged the scale of this task. Not only had I failed to photograph many of the projects I wished to include, but also many of the photographs taken were either poorly composed, or unacceptable in some other way.
Therefore, the images I eventually chose are meant to merely convey a sense of the range and versatility of the work we engage in. In some instances, I may have included a particular image simply because it looked best on the page. This in no way implies the principle significance of any given piece, but rather the limitation of time to more thoroughly document our history.

Often, during the course of a project, I will quickly snap a few photos of the specific details I wish to record. For example, certain unseen joints or assembly methods, may be helpful in demonstrating a particular technique to a potential client. Some of these images have been included in the Portfolio section or as pop-up windows indicated by a tool tip. More information regarding the images can be located in the 'About' section.

Navigation through the site should be fairly straightforward. The main pages are relatively small and are intended to load quickly and present information in a logical and concise manner. The Portfolio section on the other hand, is quite large and may be rather slow for some visitors. As a partial solution, I have divided up the images into smaller iframe windows that do not load completely with the main page. These pages are accessed by clicking the text link from within the iframe itself. Several of the pages use a slightly different navigation structure. This also is intended to accommodate slower connection speeds and facilitate a fast sequential progression from page to page. See the Browser Information link above if this description does not match your experience.
Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to contact us about the site.