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Digital Graphics

For many years, prior to the placing ASB Custom's shingle on my door, my passion and hobby was large format, black and white photography (analog graphics). My main fascination was what I called "Element Photography". It was landscapes up close and personal. Rather than photograph the mountain, I preferred to hike into the mountain and photograph the individual elements that comprised it. I believe this allure helps to explain my growing obsession with the infinite details of the work I now do. Part of my interest in wood and metal work arose out the need to build equipment that was unavailable, or unaffordable, at the time.

My interest in photography quite naturally led to a technical curiosity about the digital world and the inherent possibilities of marketing the company to a much larger audience. I decided to produce an interactive Digital Portfolio of work to be distributed on CD. Prior to committing myself to building this Portfolio, I knew it would become necessary to contact several good clients and arrange to photograph or re-photograph a few of the pieces that were overlooked. One related event lead to another and I soon found myself producing a training CD for a local flight college instead. As a family team, we photographed, digitized, produced, edited, wrote software for, packaged, and distributed a product with which both we, and our client, are exceptionally pleased. Although this has certainly been done many times before, our fixation on excellence proved an invaluable asset. The CD format allowed us to incorporate very large and vastly more detailed images than would be possible in any other way. The interactivity has also allowed the student and instructor to communicate in a more precise manner enhancing the experience for both. This web site as such, has now temporarily replaced our Digital Portfolio project. As broad band service becomes more ubiquitous, we will most likely include it here as a Flash style slide show. Having now diversified our company into yet another seemingly unrelated field, I believe the future will include many more similar projects based upon the model shaped by this commission.

This training CD is but one variation of an infinite number of possibilities using the skills we acquired during production. We will soon have a demo of the CD available to prospective clients. Please contact us or e-mail to info@panokatographics.com if you are interested in receiving a copy and would like to discuss a potential project.

More information about the images on this site can be found HERE